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21 November 2018 09:00AM-05:00PMNational Science Center

Cost: FREE

Age: 9 - 15

WIN a free kit contest !

Stand a chance to WIN a Coding & Robotics kit from Sweden.

  1. Make a robot from household waste (cardboard, box, bottles..etc), video/photo and upload your creation into our gallery on Creatubbles, the global Kids Hack Day community.  Create an account for your kid and upload into our gallery
  2. Please tag the video/photo with KHDKualaLumpur
  3. Please bring and showcase your creation on event day
  4. Please print and bring along the contest email
  5. This contest is a close contest and for attendees only. 
  6. One entry per attendee

Event Set-Up

  • FREE moderated event/workshop for the community, 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • There are only limited 40 attendees. Please hurry
  • Facilitators: 8-12 member team
  • Lunch & snacks provided
  • Please inform us if participant got special diet needs

Planned Activities

  • Ice breakers
  • Coding 101 Lab
  • Make a game
  • 3D Lab
  • Hologram Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Games - Binary, Song Writing,..etc.
  • Tournaments - Fastest & Tallest

Tools and Materials

  • Bring your own iPad/Android Tablet
  • 3D Pen
  • Newspapers
  • Tape
  • Transparent film
  • Scissors

Terms and Conditions

  • Since this is a free event for the community, each participant must sign up themselves through their parents
  • Limit to two (2) participants per household.
  • Once registration is equal to one participate
  • Participant is subject to final verification and confirmation
  • Large groups (i.e. from same school) are required to contact us first before registering and are subject to our terms and conditions
  • JustGeeks PLT. reserves the right to reject or cancel participant without giving any reasons
  • JustGeeks PLT. reserves the right to change or cancel the course due without giving any reasons

Contact Us


  1. Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
    • Yes. Age 9 to 15 and are subject to verification and confirmation.
  2. What is Kids Hack Day ? 
    Kids Hack Day is a global series of free creative tech events for kids. 
    For more info please visit http://www.KidsHackDay.com
  3. Is there a limit to how many ticket can I get ?
    • Yes, two (2) tickets per household. You need to register twice to get two (2) tickets.
  4. Can I sign up for my friend ?
    • No. Since this is a free event for the community, each participant must sign up themselves through their parent.
  5. Do I need to bring anything or pay anything to attend ?
    • You only need to bring your own iPad/Tablet. Other materials, we will supply, including food. 🙂
  6. I have attended your event before. Can I attend again ?
    • No. Spaces are limited and we have to be considerate of others wanting to join.
  7. I have registered but later cannot attend. Can I cancel ?
    • Yes. Please do so via your account in our event website and mark your attendance as not attending. Or you can email us directly.
  8. Can you accommodate a large group of students ? We are from a school.
    • No. But..
    • We are happy to host a similar workshop at your school only for your students. Please contact us at sales@CrazyGeeks.tech
  9. Is there any waiver form I need to agree on when I register my child ?
    Yes, there is. Please read below :-
    1.  I understand that this learning experience has certain inherit risks. In consideration of me allowing my child being permitted to participate in this event, I do hereby acknowledge that I am fully aware of all risks and hazards that may be directly or inherently involved in this event. With full knowledge of the facts and circumstances surrounding this event, I do hereby discharge all responsibility and risk from the organizer in the student’s participation in this event, including all risk of property damage, injury, and other hazards to me.
    2. I do hereby assure officials of event organizer that I am fully responsible and able to bear health insurance (if necessary) to provide for and pay medical costs that may be attendant as a result of injury to the student from his/her participation in this event.
    3. I do hereby further assure officials of event organizer that there are no health-related reasons or problems which prelude or restrict the student’s participation in this event. The foregoing is submitted and executed with full knowledge of the contents and consequences herein stated.
    4. I give officials of event organizer permission to take photographs and / or video of my child.
    5.  I grant officials of event organizer full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

All you need to know

Cost: Free

Space: Limited to 40

Time: 09:00am-5:00pm 


National Science Centre
Persiaran Bukit Kiara, 
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/NdTg6djyA432

Age: Kids from 9-15. 
We have a limited amount of laptops, iPad and Tablets that you can borrow. Please bring yours. If you have any laptops, iPad, Tablets, please bring it. 

Waiting list



We are both parents ourselves and real-life coders with passion to teach our children and other young minds.

We started off a teaching project for our own children and their friends before we decided to start our Coding BootCamps and hence CrazyGeeks.

We want to move away from boring old-school, conventional teaching and obsolete approach that are still being use and taught today.

Instead we want to foster creative, fun, play and experiential learning into the classroom.